Recommendations for Patients having Acidity

Top 14 Recommendations for Patients having Acidity


1. Head end elevation (Head end of the bed should be raised by putting brick/black.(6 to 9 inch beneath the legs of bed on head end side).

2. Take bland diet (Avoid spicy food, oil, ghee & outside food).

3. Take small frequent meals (Total quantity of the meal in a day has to be same, just space those meals in 5-6 small meals, to be taken every 2-3 hours).

4. Keep at least 2 hours duration between the dinner & sleep time.

5. Keep your daily major meals (lunch & dinner) more or less at the same time. Some variation of 30 minutes from routine meal time is alright but don’t deviate the daily meal times
beyond that.

6. Do not immediately lie down after having meals, walk for a while after dinner then sit for a while and then only lie down.

7. Do not sleep in prone position (tummy down position) Always sleep in supine position (straight up position) or lie down on one side.

8. Reduce your weight by regular exercise.

9. Stop all types of addictions (smoking, tobacco chewing, alcohol consumption etc).

10. Avoid stressful life.

11. Take good amount of sleep (minimum 8 hours a day) .

12. Avoid eating at late night.

13. Don’t wear tight clothes .

14. Avoid doing all activities that involve bending from abdomen.

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