Iris Hospital is equipped with six state of the art operation theatres capable of performing all kinds of surgeries in a human body. All theatres have a dedicated air handling units to match the air exchanges and a special OT flooring, both as per the international infection control norms. All operation theatres are equipped with LED OT lights, good quality OT tables, diathermy machines, anaesthesia workstations, multipara monitors, defibrillators, warmer machines, central suction and all medical gases and well trained nursing and paramedic staff. We have the following OTs:

Modular OT

It’s the ultramodern and ultraclean OT matching all international sterility protocols and standards. All joint replacement surgeries, spine surgeries, major cancer surgeries, supra-major gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary surgeries, advanced laparoscopic surgeries, cochlear implant surgeries etc are being performed here.

Orthopaedic OT

Here all surgeries related to orthopaedics, both trauma and chronic orthopaedic problems are performed. This theatre is equipped with Karl Storz high definition camera system for endoscopic spine surgery, Karl Zeiss operating microsope, fully automatic C-arm image intensifier to see the Xrays of the bones while the patient is being operated upon, power drills and high speed burr.

General Surgery OT

Here all surgeries related to general surgery, both emergency and planned are being performed. This theatre is equipped with the latest Stryker’s high definition laparoscopy system to perform all basic and advanced laparoscopic surgeries.

Head & Neck OT

Here all surgeries related to head and neck and faciomaxillary region are being performed. These include surgeries for both benign and malignant conditions, endoscopic ENT surgeries and Cochlear implant surgeries. This theatre is equipped with the Karl Storz Endoscopic high definition camera system for performing endoscopic ENT surgeries, Karl Zeiss operating microscope, Microdebridder and Skitter drill for cochlear implant surgeries.

Endoscopy OT

Here all basic and advanced endoscopies are performed, involving both Upper and Lower GI tract. These include both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This theatre is equipped with Olympus Videoendoscopy system.

Emergency OT

It is another state of the art operation theatre, right inside the emergency room. Here all types of emergency procedures and lifesaving surgeries are being performed.