Dr. Nilay S. Shah

About Dr. Nilay S. Shah

ENT Surgeon, Neuro-otologist & Allergologist

He is dedicated towards the comprehensive management of ENT diseases with the latest skill and use of technology. He has delivered many lectures on Vertigo Evaluation and management in various conferences and CMEs across the country.

Degrees and Education

M.S. (ENT), Neuro-otology, Allergology.


Endoscopic Sinus surgery
Micro-Ear Surgery
Benign Head-Neck Surgery
Vertigo Specialist
Allergy Specialist


He has vast experience in all the aspects of Micro-ear surgery, Endoscopic Sinus surgery and benign Head-Neck Surgery. He s a In charge of Verigo Clinic and Audiology.

1. Video Head Impulse Test in Vertigo Evaluation.

2. Video Assisted Micro-laryngeal Surgery

Accolades and Involvements

Life Member Association of Otolaryngologist - India.
Life Member Association of Neuro-otologist - India
Life Member Indian College of Allergy. Asthama & Immanology