Dr. Setul S. Patel

About Dr. Setul S. Patel

Complex Trauma Surgeon

An experienced orthopaedic surgeon.

Degrees and Education

M.B.,B.S., M.S. University, Baroda-1989.
M.S.(orthopaedics), M.S.University, Baroda-1992.


Complex and Revision Trauma Surgery
Joint Replacement Surgery


Post M .S.(Ortho) experience of 24 years, After passing in 1992, joined Pramukh swami medical college and Shree Krishna hospital. Worked in various capacities from registrar to professor during this period.

1. Trained many post graduate orthopaedic residents as post graduate guide.

2. Served as post graduate examiner of S.P.University in various examinations.

3. Traveled as a MCI(Medical Council of India) examiner to various universities and medical colleges.

Accolades and Involvements

joint replacement surgery course - under prof. Gerdesmeyer
University hospital - Schleswig Holstein - Kiel - Germany
Member of Indian orthopaedic association
Member of Gujarat orthopaedic association
Member of Bombay orthopaedic society
Member of Indian Medical Association