Dr. Sagar N. Patel

About Dr. Sagar N. Patel

Consultant Doctor

Degrees and Education

MD Physician(Russia),CTCCM,(ISCCM),ECFMG (USA)Certified.


Critical Care


– Critical experience from Shree Krishna Hospital Karamsad (A busy Tertiary care, Closed ICU)
– Expertise in handling medical & surgical emergencies
– Expertise in managing critical care patients requiring ventilator support, advanced Hemodynamic Monitoring, Renal Replacement Therapy
– Also, keen on Academics
– Experience in fundamental & Clinical Research from prestigious institutions like New Jersey medical school, University of Chicago, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, USA.

– ECFMG (USA Certified)
– Various Research publication in Peer Revised Journal.

Accolades and Involvements

Associate life member - ISCCM(Indian Society of Critical Care Medicines)
Life member - IMA(Indian Medical Association)